Body Worn Camera Policy

Since 2016, The Lyndhurst Police Department is pleased to report the full implementation of body worn cameras to its existing arsenal of cutting edge technology.

The Lyndhurst Police Department's use of body worn video camera technology continues to provide value in enhancing officer safety, reduction of liability, assist with prosecution and case resolution, and further promote professionalism and accountability through transparency.

In March 2022, the Lyndhurst Police Department upgraded its BWC program with the Axon Body 3. The Axon Body 3 isn't just a camera: it's a rugged communications beacon front-and-center on every call. Featuring enhanced low-light performance, reduced motion blur and an LTE connection, the Body 3 empowers officers with more support in the moment allows a single button solution to recording digital evidence. The video will automatically upload to the Axon storage and evidence management system, where it can be easily accessed for review. An end-user cannot tamper with video files stored on the Axon Body 3 camera.

Chief Richard Jarvis believes in staying on the cutting edge of proactive policing and the use of the Axon Body 3 camera is an integral part of that.