The goal of the Lyndhurst Police Department Recruitment Plan is to attract qualified individuals to pursue a career with the Lyndhurst Police Department that achieves an overall racial and gender composition in comparison to the available workforce in the service area of the department.


The Lyndhurst Police Department strives to be a leader in transparency and community inclusion as an accredited law enforcement agency. Agency personnel participate in a wide array of community engagement activities and events within the township. Annually, the Lyndhurst Police Department hosts a Junior Police Academy and National Night Out coupled with a wide array of community based initiatives. Officers from within the agency are deeply involved with our youth. The Lyndhurst Police Department maintains a strong working relationship with our school district. Agency personnel attend a multitude of school based events, inclusive of career days and job fairs.

The Lyndhurst Police Department is not accepting applications for employment at this time. The Lyndhurst Police Department utilizes and our social media platforms to announce open hiring processes. Please continue to check back and/or monitor this section of our page for future employment opportunities.

Recruitment Plan

Qualifications for Membership in the Police Department

No personnel shall be appointed as a member of the Police Department unless he/she submits satisfactory evidence that he/she:

All persons applying for appointment to the Police Department shall satisfy one of the following criteria prior to sitting for any examination with the Township of Lyndhurst:

  1. Shall possess a Bachelor’s degree from a college accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges, the Northwest Association of Colleges and Schools or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (“hereinafter, “Accredited College”).
  2. Shall have served three years in the United States Military Service and have an honorable discharge except Reservists who shall have served during a war or served for more than 180 consecutive days, other than for training any part of which occurred during the period beginning September 11, 2001, and ending on the date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or by law as the last day of Operation Iraqi Freedom or who shall have served a minimum of three years of their six year commitment and have not yet received their honorable discharge. In addition to the above, Reservists must possess, at minimum, 60 credits from an Accredited College.
  3. Shall have 2 years’ experience as a law enforcement officer in the State of New Jersey, or service as a Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II (SLEO II), AND possess 60 credits from an Accredited College.

No applicant shall be appointed to any position with the Police Department until after the applicant shall have been fingerprinted and said fingerprints filed with the New Jersey State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation, and no applicant shall be appointed until after there has been a thorough background and character investigation of the candidate that will also determine the candidate’s fitness for the position.

Hiring Process

Applicants must pass a series of interviews, background investigation, physical and physiological screening.

Lyndhurst is an equal opportunity employer in all facets of the personnel process.

The Chief of Police is responsible for the administration of the Recruitment Plan.